Get ready to enter into unknown lands, where you will have to open your way through while you seek a cure from the illness that consumes you.


A summary about the hands-on Hyper Light Drifter for Nintendo Switch
​On May 29th we organized a Hands-On session in San Francisco with the goal to show the progress and some[...]
New incomers in Abylight Studios team!
Abylight Studios’ Team continues its growth! We are especially happy to welcome Fran and Dani, the first one because he[...]
Super Hydorah for PS Vita can be pre-ordered today!
All units! Super Hydorah’s retail version for PS Vita is here!Limited Run will open today the pre-order of the Collector[...]

Cursed Castilla and Super Hydorah will come as soon as possible to Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo Switch indies will be raining this summer 2018! GameMaker engine will be able to port games to the portable console