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Rolling with the times

First the Earth cooled. Then the dinosaurs came, followed by the Romans and then, at last, it was the Eighties. We, and thousands of Europeans, were introduced to computer science and home gaming by the ZX Spectrum, a small British computer that brought us the magic of technology and changed our lives forever.

Alberto Gonzalez composing music
for video games in the early 90's.

It's quite a feat to describe the effect that those early video games had on the children of our generation. They were just a bunch of pixels with a beep here and there, but we saw them as epic stories with soundtracks that still live on in our memories. They were just tiny 48K games, but we saw them as never-ending stories offering unlimited possibilities.

I think those of us who grew up at the time and who can relate to those sensations were marked forever. Some of us fell madly in love with that new art form and decided to turn video games into our bread and butter.

Abylight's partners' professional career took off in Barcelona, where Ricardo and Alberto took part in the creation of Bit Managers in 1993, which was, in turn, founded in the wake of New Frontier. Eva and I actually worked at that company for a few years. Abylight was created in 2004 and Mamel joined the team as art director. He'd previously established a video game studio with me in Gijón, a little city in the north of Spain.

Mamel and Nacho developing
games for 8-bit computers.

During the first part of our careers we developed several 8-bit computer games, and then moved on to game consoles. We created games for Game Boy, Game Boy Color, NES, Super NES, Game Gear... and for Game Boy Advance. Slightly over 40 titles, which were launched by Infogrames, Acclaim or Sun.

When we were at Abylight, right between the Game Boy Advance and the Nintendo DS, we chanced upon a business opportunity to develop video games for mobile telephones. We had a successful stint in the sector between 2004 and 2007, and launched 11 original titles each of which had, literally, hundreds of different versions and were marketed by companies like EA and Namco.

After this interlude, we got back to console developing, starting out with the Nintendo DS, and we immediately decided to take the plunge and try our hand as digital content editors for WiiWare and DSiWare. We were developing projects for smartphones and tablets at the same time.

That's our history in a nutshell. Throughout the years we have busied ourselves with dozens of projects, met amazing professionals, including artists, technicians, producers and managers from all over the world.

We've witnessed the evolution from that black and white Game Boy to the flabbergasting Nintendo 3DS, from game cassettes to online gaming, from text adventures to augmented reality, from the Osborne to the iPhone.

Regardless of the games we've developed and the years we've been in the business, we haven't lost a pinch of our initial passion for video games. We're still devoted heart and soul to our profession, which is our life.

In fact, this is only the beginning.

Nacho Garcia, CTO

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