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Dakar 2007


Incredible adventure

15 totally different scenarios distributed in 5 countries. Drivers will have to be really skilled to avoid falling into natural traps and choose the right route. Otherwise they will lose key seconds to finish the race.

Strategy & Abilities

It won’t be only about accelerating; players will also have to plan carefully their strategy to won the championship. The decision will be only theirs: face the dangers of a shorter route or take a longer and easy one.

Dakar 2007 has been specifically designed for mobiles and allows frequently to save the game, meaning we can’t continue where we left off before.

Game Modes

Only by using their mobiles, players will cross Lisbon, Morocco, Sahara, Mauritania, Mali, Senegal and, of course, Dakar; either by Rally mode or Against the Clock.

*Dakar Rally 2007 was produced by Gaelco Moviles S.L.*

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