VEGA 3D Engine

VEGA 3D Engine in Abylight Barcelona

Our own technology: VEGA 3D Engine

VEGA 3D Engine includes modules and tools needed to create games and other kind of interactive applications that work across multiple platforms.It is designed as an engine by programmers for programmers. The main objective is to get a standard-based, modular, flexible and optimized system for each target platform. It has several layers of abstraction and exposes parts transparently so that everything can be changed, rewritten or adapted to the specific needs.

VEGA 3D Engine own technology at Abylight Barcelona

C++ language

It is written in C ++ and divided into modules that can work together or isolated. This feature allows to use the modules and tools adapted to the specific project, and new parts can be developed to communicate with the existing ones.

The engine covers the entire workflow, with visual editors to define the properties of objects or create levels maps. The source code is based on open standards and conceived in a modular way.

VEGA 3D Engine language C++ in Abylight Barcelona

True Multiplatform

All tools and engine modules uses the GNU standard compilation system. This makes it possible to cross-compile from any host to any other target. It will also feature an emulation layer of the Posix standard for unsupported systems.

The engine is compiled specifically for the game or application from the host architecture and natively by cross compilation to the target architecture. It also allows clustering based compilation with canadian cross-compilation.

VEGA 3D Engine multiplatform at Abylight Barcelona

Granted by a loan of the Government of Spain

This project has been partially financed with a loan granted by the Ministry of Industry, as part of the AAESD plan for the development of Innovation in Technology 2013 – 2016. Reference number : TSI-100600-2013-243.

Ministry of Industry - Government of Spain at Abylight Barcelona

Ministry of Industry – Government of Spain