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Behold demons, the bravest king's knight, Don Ramiro has arrived to stop you all!      

The tears of a young witch have been turned by a demon into a key that opens up a gateway for the evil in this world. King Alfonso VI of León has gathered his loyal knights to get to Tolomera del Rey and finish the nightmare using the power of the Witch’s tears. Banish the zombies and demons that entered the Kingdom of Castile with Don Ramiro, the loyal King’s Knight, and his friends. For that, you will use a different range of weapons to defeat your enemies through the cursed lands of Tolomera, in a pure classic arcade action style.

Cursed Castilla EX, foss fight against Don Quixote, arcade indie game

9 / 10 - VidaExtra

"A necessary experience that you will enjoy as you used to enjoy in the 80s or 90s [...] In conclusion, 'Maldita Castilla EX' shows us again the good work of this Spanish team. Few better options we will have to remember the arcade times."

8,7 / 10 - Areajugones

"With a classic and accurate gameplay, [...] it's a great game that will satisfy all of those nostalgics. In addition, the game can also introduce the younger to the magical world of the impossible arcades

8,5 / 10 - Hobby Consolas

"It's a video game made with passion, [...] and, also, one of the best current retro video games that we've played"

8 / 10 - ZTGD

"If you are like me and grew up pulling your hair out at these punishing side-scrollers, this game is an easy purchase. It captures the magic, while bringing enough of its own charm to make it feel fresh. Plenty try to capture that magic, but few achieve what the team at Abylight Studios has managed to create here."

8 / 10 - Brash Games

"The game is old school through and through, and makes no apologies for providing an experience on par with the classic Capcom platformers of yesteryear. More importantly, with varied levels and tight mechanics, it’s just great fun to play."

8 / 10 - GameSpew

"Anyone looking for a challenging action-packed 2D adventure won’t go far wrong with Maldita Castilla EX."

  • nintendo 3ds
  • playstation 4
  • xbox one
  • PLAystation VITa
  • iOs™
  • Nintendo Switch™


Publisher: Abylight Studios

Developer: Locomalito & Gryzor87

Price: 4,49 €

Release date: 24/10/2019

Available in: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Italian and Korean.

Supports Apple TV. 


  • Explore Tolomera del Rey in depth through to 8 game stages.
  • Fight against 48+ types of enemies and 19 final bosses.
  • Banish the evil invading the Kingdom with 4 different endings.
  • Become a seasoned monster hunter with the illustrated bestiary with unlockable information about the legends featured in the game.
  • Brag about your combat skills with 15 unlockable achievements.
  • Yell your battlecry with songs for the original soundtrack and the remastered audio.
  • Revive the glory of the arcade times with 10 different screen view modes.
  • Cursed castilla ex don ramiro fighting against nuberu at the sky

    Key points

    Explore Tolomera del Rey in depth thanks to brand new game stages, and fight against new final bosses and enemies. Also, you will become a seasoned monster hunter with the new illustrated bestiary with unlockable information about the legends featured in the game.

    Brag about your combat skills with 15 new unlockable achievements and yell your battlecry with new songs for the original soundtrack and the remastered audio.

    Get the Cursed Castilla EX Press Kit.

    About Locomalito 

    Locomalito shares background with many other kids from the 80s: he grew up playing arcade machines and dreaming about creating his own games. He had ideas and wanted to work on them with a passion. Years later, this vocation drove him to work on those ideas and shape them in his own spare time.

     His goal: creating video games with an old school flavor – adventures that you could play on a straight run, created with pixel-art and chiptune music and sound.

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