Steam Winter Sale: 30% off Cursed Castilla and Super Hydorah

Gamer winter has now officially arrived! In the form of the Steam Winter Sale: enjoy 30% off Cursed Castilla and Super Hydorah, the infamous neo-retro masterpieces by Locomalito and Gryzor87.

If you haven’t played these yet, now is the time: the holiday break is the rare chance to catch up on the games you want to play but never have the time. 🙂

Steam Winter Sale: Super Hydorah, space travel but not leisure

It is possible to escape the Earth this holiday season, but there’s some work for you, the deadliest and most skilled pilot in the galaxy! Equip your spaceship, select the route – good luck on your mission to defend the star of Omios from the Meroptians, those vicious biomechanical critters.
Super Hydorah will 100% make you happy if you’re into the classics of the shoot’em up genre: it’s like the games you know, but better: no restrictions, more polish!

Direct action, nostalgic art and a wide variety of unique spatial content and situations: solo or in local co-op with family or roommate.

Steam Winter Sale: Cursed Castilla, don’t lose your soul (and those of others)

Everybody can be a knight: at least in Cursed Castilla!

Hell broke loose after a demon used the tears of a young witch. Naturally, it’s you, knight Don Ramiro, who has to fix it all: travel the cursed lands of Tolomera, banish the creatures that plague them and close the gateway.
Worms eating cattle and children, old grump controlling storms and thunders, and an insanely insane knight from Chivalric novels: these characters from European can’t wait to haunt you!

Happy holidays!
We’re honored to add these 2 awesome games to your list of games to play!