Super Hydorah has a release date on Nintendo Switch, finally!

The Meroptians will invade Nintendo Switch eShop next Thursday, November 15th, 2018

Last call for the bravest pilots of the galaxy to join the Delta Lance Force against the Meroptians, a breed of biomechanical beings, that have already spread through several galaxies (PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, PC, and iOS). Now, they are approaching the last jewel, Nintendo Switch. Our espionage service has intercepted some Meroptian’s communications, they will land on the Nintendo eShop next November 15th, 2018. Fight with us this war for just $19.99 / 19.95€ / 2500¥.

Join forces with your friends using the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons (Local Multiplayer Co-op Mode) or play as a lone wolf (Single Player Mode) to make the most famous space pirate words yours:

“If you believe in the future of our planet, you are not alone”
Captain Harlock

Are you reckless enough to jump in? Here you have some of the new features coming to the Nintendo Switch version:

  • Running at 60fps in both docked and handheld mode.
  • Selection skill mode.
  • Support for 9 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, and Chinese
  • New aesthetic changes and more refinements.
  • New boss life bar

The icing on the cake is the outstanding original soundtrack created by Gryzor87 influenced by Konami classic games, Ulysses 31 TV series, or rock bands such as Camel, Symphony X, or Judas Priest.

©2017 Nintendo. Nintendo Switch and Joy-Con are trademarks of Nintendo.

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