Super Hydorah will have an iOS version!

super hydorah screenshot iOS, shmup, shoot'em up, arcade, indie, mobile

Equip your ship and prepare to take off! Independent video game publisher Abylight Studios and homebrew developers Locomalito & Gryzor87 are proud to announce that the acclaimed space shooter, Super Hydorah, will have a mobile version. Now, already available for pre-order in the AppStore!!! 

Abylight has developed the Apple version with the main user of the platform in mind, honing the control and the experience not only for fans of the game but also for a whole new audience.

This installment aims to introduce the genre to new players: adapting its gameplay to touch controls and reducing its difficulty without losing its challenge.

In Locomalito's words, “In arcade games it is fundamental that controls respond perfectly, even more in a game that requires precision like Super Hydorah. Up until now, we had never thought about bringing Super Hydorah to tactile devices, because of lack of precision of tactile devices in difficult situations, however the Abylight team has achieved what we thought unbelievable: a smooth touch control, with a precise and fast response. The game includes many options allowing the players to configure the touch controls as they wish, in addition to the original configuration for those who play with external gamepads”

“From the beginning it was agreed that an iOS version of Super Hydorah must achieve the adequate levels of control and comfort for tactile devices. Abylight has been developing a control tactile system so polished, that the original essence of the game remains.” – says Gryzor87 – “It reaches unprecedented levels in devices with these features, allowing to enjoy the game with all its elements like in the last generation consoles. Super Hydorah for iOS will surprise for its gameplay and adaptable controls for all kind of players”  

super hydorah screenshot iOS, shmup, shoot'em up, arcade, indie, mobile

Others features of this version include:

  • ​​ 2 Game difficulty levels: easy or original (console)
  • The full localization to more languages: Chinese (simplified), Russian, Turkish, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.
  • Haptic vibration
  • MFI Joystick support
  • Game Center integration

The game will be released next May 17th for 6,99$ / 7,99 € and is now available for pre-order: http://appstore.com/superhydorah

To find out more about Super Hydorah, visit abylight.com/game/super-hydorah/