Super Hydorah heads to San Francisco

Super Hydorah has been selected to participate in the next European Game Showcase, an event created in the context of GDC.

For the first time, video game industry professionals join forces to maximize the European impact in the American territories. It’s a private and non-lucrative initiative arranged by four industry professionals: Alessandra Van Oterlo, Dutch freelancer with years of experience in event organization, Dajana Dimovska, CEO of the danish studio Knapnok Games, Tobias Kopka, director of Game Dev Conferences like Quo Vadis or Respawn and Eva Gaspar, CEO of the spanish publisher Abylight Studios.

To guarantee the event’s quality, the organizers have made a curation process of the games with the aim is to increase the presence and visibility of European developments in the United States. Likewise, the invitations are reserved to press, publishers and other communication professionals, to guarantee the maximum effectiveness of the event by the attendant studios.

Super hydorah, the arcade shoot'em up co-op mode on the cave planet stage

Super Hydorah will be playable in exclusive for the first time along with other 24 selected titles coming from different European countries. Representing Spain will be also: Cannon Land Family by Herding Cats, Monster Prom by Beautiful Glitch, Moonlighter by Digital Sun y Wild Guardians by CorseGames.

If you are press or an industry professional and you want to attend the event, please contact us at