Key Staff

Eva Gaspar CEO Abylight

Eva Gaspar


​IP&IT lawyer, Video Game Business Consultant, University Teacher & International Speaker. In 1999 began her professional career in the video game industry where she climbed up the ladder from entry level administrative to CEO and President of the Board of Abylight Studios, a video game developer and publisher based in Barcelona and grounded in 2004. ​In 2015 was awarded “Most Prominent Female” by Casual Connect in Amsterdam. Since 2017 co-organizes the European Game Showcase in San Francisco, a non-profit project that aims to give more exposure to European Indie developers in the US.

Miguel García Corchero

Creative Director

​Graduated in Computer Science, Miguel started his journey in video games as a teen programming at home. In 2008, founded "Atomic Flavor" where he developed over 100 apps and games. In 2011, left the company to concentrate solo on an Indie project that hit all major consoles in 2014, "Rock Zombie". Joined Abylight's programming team in January 2015 to participate in the development of VEGA engine and games. Later, moved to Production and now its Creative Direction.

Alberto José González 

​Developer / Music & FX

Talented multidisciplinary creative, Alberto started his professional path in the video game industry in the year 1988 as a graphic artist and rapidly evolved to music composition and programming at the extinct New Frontier.

Later on, he co-founded Bit Managers where he worked from 1993 until 2003, mostly as a musician and programmer, taking part in the development of over 40 titles. He also co­founded Abylight where he has performed several roles: musician, programmer, designer & producer.

Ricardo Fernández 

Lead Programmer

Graduated in Electronics, Ricardo got involved in the video game industry as a programmer for the company New Frontier (1990-93) and later on as a co-founder of Bit Managers (1993-2003).  His entrepreneurial spirit and love for video games got him involved again in the funding of Abylight. His professional curriculum includes over 40 published games for different platforms with a worldwide impact.  Ricardo is the kind of talent that we wished we could clone.

Víctor Chacón 

Jr. Developer & QA

Graduated in Video game design and virtual environments in 2017. He joins Abylight as QA Tester in early 2017, and in mid-late 2017 as Jr. Developer. He is in charge of supporting his teammates in a wide range of tasks either if it's generating assets, fast and effective QA or giving feedback on games ideas.

Daniel Carmona

Jr. Technical Artist

Graduated in videogame development and 3D environments" in 2018, Daniel has been passionate about creating video games since an early age. He joined Abylight's Development team at the beginning of 2018, first as an intern and since June as a full member, as Technical artist.

​David Corominas

​Developer Programmer

​With a background of 3D apps development like videogames, VR and visualisation, David joins Abylight eager to keep growing. As a child, he started learning with an Amstrad and, suddenly, video games became his passion for life. He studied Graphical Arts and Computer Applications Development which, along with many self-taught knowledge, makes him a polyvalent person.

Javier Carpio

​Developer Programmer

Graduated in Computer Science, Javier has been using a keyboard even before he learnt to speak. His interest in programming and video games, and his passion for finding out how things work have lead him to focus his attention on video games development since he was a child. After a few years working in the mobile industry, he joined Abylight’s programming team in mid-year 2018. He wants to put his best efforts in helping and learning as much as possible from his colleagues.