Game description

A momonga saving the day in this unconventional pinball. How, you say?      

Can a little flying squirrel take on the forces of evil?

On the continent Aya, animals have lived peacefully since the Great War. The momongas are a small and peaceful tribe of flying squirrels, living on a group of small islands on the river Yana. One day, the village was raided by a group of owl bandits. Now, their village lies in ashes. Your tribe is gone. You are the last free momonga… Are you able to turn the tide and rescue your tribe? Can you take on the forces of evil? It’s time to roll!



Publisher: ​Paladin Studios​​​​

Developer: ​Abylight / Paladin Studios

Price: $ ​5.99

Release date: ​15/10/2015

Available in: ​English​



Publisher: ​Paladin Studios

Developer: ​Abylight / Paladin Studios

Price: ​5,99 €

Release date: ​15/10/2015

Available in: ​English, French, German, Dutch

Main functions

  • ​Flip and roll through the levels. Float through the skies, battle your enemies, take on epic boss fights. It’s not your regular pinball, it is a unique pinball with a twist.
  • ​The world of Momonga awaits. Uncover a hidden sanctuary in the clouds, the lost city of Xio, and the fallen Momonga islands.
  • ​Nine Storyline levels and 45 callenging challenges
  • ​Three Bonus Minigames. Get donuts, candy and pizza slices in Panda’s Dream. Try to beat your score in Guachinko. Test your pinball skills in the Arena.

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