Stop Stress: A day of fury

Game description

Being stressed is not good, release some steam and start destroying everything!

How far will a day of fury take you?

Grab your Wii Remote as if it were a baseball bat and begin to DESTROY EVERYTHING!

Jack’s dreams have become a nightmare and only you can help him to get out. Climb into the skin of the most stressed-out man in the world, grab the baseball bat and prepare to let off more steam than you ever have before. Begin to make your desires come true. Destroy everything around you, beat a path through the traffic or at the office and face off against incredible hallucinations before the stress finishes you off.
What strange creature will be the first to attack you at home?

If you’re ready to get all of your adrenaline pumping: STOP STRESS.

▷ Stop Stress: A day of fury | Abylight Barcelona | Independent video game developer studio in Barcelona.

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