Learn to develop video games like a professional with our video tutorials

Abylight: Blender tutorial, just made it from the beggining so everyone can learn to use Blender from the beggining

This Thursday we release a new section on our YouTube channel offering our advice on some tools of video games developing. We start with Blender, a perfect tool to introduce you in the modeling software, which is also free, and we will discuss its broader aspects.

In a total of 5 blocks of video tutorials, you will learn how to take your first steps with the software, even without prior experience. The video tutorials that we bring to you are made by Miguel Garcia Corchero, Senior Programmer of Abylight Studios.

We begin this section of videos with a first block of video tutorials direct and concise with a general approach to the Blender tool. Any feedback or suggestions through our social media profiles would be welcome. From the studio, we hope you like it and be useful.