Congratulations! Our designer Emilio J.Lopera just launched a new game!


Hi there, How you doin’? Please read carefully this post dedicated to our dear designer Emilio J.Lopera (@LordCyberon). We are so excited about his new game launch! For those who do not know, Emilio is like a SUV, he is a programmer, designer, 3D artist and writer. We can’t wait to write a new post about his new book continuing sci-fi saga novels ‘La Marca del Pacto’.

Coming back to the subject that brings us here today, we want to celebrate and share with all of you the release of his new title called ‘Six Sides of the World’ under his own label, Cybernetik Design. In ‘Six Sides of the World’, Emilio proposes a special – his own way – journey through the vast space. Dust off your memory, logic and tune-walking your spatial orientation to advance through a cubic planetary system plenty of tricks, shortcuts and dangers. Moreover, this adventure-puzzle game is accompanied by the superb Carlos Viola’s music!

We hope you enjoy it as we do. Abylight Studios wants to congratulate Emilio for the great job he has done by himself. We also wish him the best luck possible in the world (and space).

‘Six Sides of the World’ is now available on Steam. Get 10% off until 27th January. Fly, you fools!