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Create what you want, let your imagination flow and become one of the best artists!      

Qbics Paint is a game which puts 3D modeling and painting at your fingertips with the power of Nintendo Switch touch screen. The brilliant artist Michelangelo thought that sculpting masterpieces such as David or the Pietà was actually pretty easy: “all I do is chip away everything that is not my statue”, he said. In Qbics Paint you will become a sort of Michelangelo: you will have to sculpt blocks with your own fingers to “free” the Qbics hiding within!

Sculpting won’t be your only task. The touch screen of your Nintendo Switch console enables you to effortlessly paint and customize your Qbics, with a 24-colour palette to get your creative skills flowing. Use the Creation Mode to sculpt and paint freestyle your own Qbics – or let your imagination run wild editing those you already unlocked, and combine it with the Image mode using a wide range of stock images to get you inspired!

Qbics paint for nintendo switch, a game for everyone, become a great artists
  • NIntendo switch
  • iOS


Publisher: Abylight Studios

Developer: Abylight

Price: 4.99 $

Release date: 07/27/2017

Available in: English



Publisher: Abylight Studios

Developer: Abylight

Price: 4.99 €

Release date: 27/07/2017

Available in: English


Publisher: Abylight Studios

Developer: Abylight

Price: 500円

Release date: 01/03/2018

Available in: Japanese


  • Release your stress with the relaxing gameplay while you train your creative skills and spatial vision.
  • Anyone can sculpt and paint in 3D by using Qbics Paint user-friendly interface.
  • The touch screen of the Nintendo Switch makes a great canvas to create artwork that can be shared on social media through the Capture button.
  • 4 game modes: Sculpt, Paint, Creation, and Image.
  • More than 50 models to unlock and 50 empty spaces to create your own figures.

You can download the Qbics Paint press kit here.

Qbics Paint for Nintendo Switch, the best creative indie suitable for everyone

Project financed thanks to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports

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