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Elite Forces gets you in the skin of four military soldiers to neutralise the terrorists      

Save the world!

A series of mysterious disappearances of high profile personalities from the worlds of science, industry and entertainment reveal a horrific global terrorist threat.
With the clock running and the lives of the hostages and millions of others in danger, the international community’s last hope lies with an extremely covert and highly specialised military team: Unit 77.

Made up four professionals who are the best in the world at what they do, Unit 77 must combine skills to stop massive world destruction by the hands of terrorists.

Elite forces Unit 77 is an strategy military based game where you control four of the best soldiers in the army, in order to save the world from a terrorist menace
  • NINTENDO dsi


Publisher: ​Deep Sliver

Developer: ​Abylight

Price: 200 Nintendo DSi Points

Release date: ​​28/04/2009

Available in: ​English, Spanish, French



Publisher: ​Koch Media

Developer: Abylight

Price: 200 Nintendo DSi Points

Release date: ​​06/03/2009

Available in: ​​English, Spanish, French, German, Italian

​Key features

  • An intense combination of action and military strategy and tactics
  • Control four characters whose specialized skills are well-defined:

  • The quiet and effective sniper
  • The fearless explosives expert
  • The brilliant hacker
  • The devastatingly powerful gunner.
    • You work strategically uniting your forces into a squad when enemy forces outnumber you, or can control one character at a time for greater tactical moves.
    • Pursue your enemies around the world through detailed 3D environments
    • Defeat your enemies by relying not only on your firepower, but your brains as well
    • Disarm mines and bombs, drive vehicles such as armored military trucks and tanks, access encrypted files or use stealth to infiltrate the enemy bases.
    • 12 challenging missions in 3 different scenarios
    • More than 20 hours of thrilling gameplay
    These are the 4 expert military the player will control
    Elite Forces Unit 77 combat, military strategy based game

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