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Use five different music styles and enjoy playing the acoustic guitar in your DS!        

An acoustic guitar in your pocket!

Play your favourite songs easily, thanks to the predefined chord option, and enjoy the sound quality achieved. Hear the fingers on the frets and the nails while strumming! A directory of over 900 chords shows you how to place your fingers on a real guitar and lets you listen to them when selected. Five different styles will accompany you to set the mood.

music on acoustic guitar cover, library of chords at the bottom right corner
  • NINTENDO dsi


Publisher: Abylight Studios

Developer: Abylight​​​​

Release date: 06/09/2010

Available in: English, Spanish, French



Publisher: Abylight Studios

Developer: Abylight

Release date: 10/09/2010

Available in: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian


  • Over 900 chords
  • 8 definable chords on the +Control Pad
  • Intensity detection while strumming
  • Palm mute function
  • Shows how to place the fingers on a real guitar
  • Five accompaniment styles: Pop Rock, Soft Rock, Country, Ballad and Blues
  • Four variations for each accompaniment
  • Eight predefined chord selections per style
  • Metronome
  • Save up to 10 sessions (chords, tempo and style selected)
music-on-acoustic-guitar screenshot, above we can see the chords and at the bottom we see the strings of the guitar

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