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Abylight at University of Barcelona

Enthusiasm, passion, courage, a constant willingness to learn and improve… What does it take to build a company from the ground up? And for extra points… how to survive in the video game industry?

Eva Gaspar, CEO of Abylight, was invited to the University of Barcelona last July 13 to open Let’s UB!, the 1st Innovation and Entrepreneurship Meeting, where she had the opportunity to share her experience as an entrepreneur and her career at the helm of one of the longest-lived and most tenacious companies in spanish video game industry.

Since she was a child, Eva had the wish to have her own company. In pursuit of that goal she dedicated all her effort and training; international trade degree, languages, business degree, law degree…

In 20xx she joined Abylight as a business consultant, in a short time she became a partner and in 20xx she became CEO.

With this trajectory behind her, Eva opened the Let’s UB Conference with some useful advice for aspiring entrepeneurs.

Better in company

Although Eva admits to having made mistakes both by herself and in company, there is no doubt that doing an activity in a group can make you stronger and will make you go further.

Surrounding yourself with the right people will provide you with support in those moments when your strength or your skills are not enough. Interpersonal relationships in a company are not so different from relationships in other areas of life.

They are still very complex human relationships, which are built with time and trust. It is important that the people who accompany you share values and objectives for a strong and lasting union.

Being aware

As entrepreneurs, we have to be aware of our role in society. We are part of a whole. That’s why it’s important to have an active presence, to be linked to society, to the school… to all those areas that are relevant to our activity.

In the case of Abylight, we took on the task of developing Prison Tycoon: Under New Management, thanks to Ziggurat Interactive. This was a new installment in a franchise that, due to its theme, took inspiration from elements of reality that have real consequences and impact on society.

From the beginning, it was clear to us that we didn’t want our game to showcase things like abuse or exploitation. So we looked for another vision, thinking about a different prison.

As creators, we have to keep in mind the impact that our work can have when we finally release it to the world.

Take care of yourself

“It’s very hard to give when you’re broken.”

Eva Gaspar, CEO

It seems so obvious, but sometimes we forget. When we are feeling well is when we are able to affect others in a positive way. After years of work to get Abylight to where it is now, Eva suffered the effects of burn out in her own skin. When we burn out and start running on autopilot, many aspects of our life and job can suffer.

We should not be afraid to ask for help from professionals or friends. Our mind and body are the only thing that’s really ours… We have to take care of it!

Fear of fear

It may be difficult to understand, but in addition to the fear of failure, it is also common to be afraid of success. Our mind is assaulted by doubts such as: What will happen if I succeed? Will I be up to it? Was it just luck? What will they expect from me?

But, actually, what you have to be afraid of is fear itself. An entrepreneur has to be brave to constantly face the unknown. Even when things are going well, you always have to think of alternatives. Things can change without warning in the blink of an eye and you must be ready.

So now you know, if you decide to become an entrepreneur… courage, tenacity and good luck!

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