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Record your own melodies and share them with Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard!    

Share your musical genius using Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard!

Record the melody stuck in your head wherever you are and share it with your friends, no limits with Miiverse, Facebook and Twitter!
Listen and play the creations of Miko in Japan, John in Canada and Magnus in Europe… Everyone's just a note away!
Regardless of whether you are an expert or the first time playing, Musicverse guides you easily through all the possibilities just at your fingertips in your Nintendo 3DS.



Publisher: Abylight​​​​ Studios

Developer: Abylight

Price: $ 7,99

Release date:  18/02/ 2016

Available in: English



Publisher: Abylight Studios

Developer: Abylight

Price: 7,99 €

Release date: 03/03/2016

Available in: English, French, German, Spanish


Publisher: RainyFrog

Developer: Abylight

Price: 800 円

Release date: 02/03/2016

Available in: Japanese

Main functions

  • ​Automatic accompaniment with 14 music styles and 4 variations.
  • Eight programmable chords and 12 chord types to choose.
  • Availability of 32 instruments from retro to modern style.
  • Integrated sequencer with independent chord and melody tracks. ​
  • Six octave keyboard (2 visible) & chord scale visualization.
  • Real-time quantization, pitch bend, metronome & Left-handed mode.
  • Store up to 128 creations & share your music through Miiverse, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Import other users' music from Miiverse or QR code patterns.
  • Export your songs in AAC format to the SD Card.
Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard

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