Every cloud… do they all really have a silver lining?


How are you guys? Hopefully you are enjoying Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard and you may have an extensive library of tunes to share with us. We can’t wait to listen to them! By the way, do you know our recent announcement? AfterZoom is heading to Nintendo 3DS too!!

As you realize, we had a busy and intense start of the year with our own titles. Then again, because of our ability to co-develop with other teams, we have partnered to bring their creations to Nintendo consoles such as The Delusions of Von Sottendorf with Delirium Studios.

Abylight ported Cut the Rope for Zeptolab, here we can see the programmers showing their great job
Abylight ported Cut the Rope for Zeptolab

Moreover, last but not least, Unity3D confirmed its support for New Nintendo 3DS at the end of last January, which means that a large number of development studios can adapt their creations to the Nintendo handheld. In this sense, Abylight has an extensive experience porting with Unity3D and creating for the handheld of Nintendo, we can count more than 30 titles… Thus, renowned developers such as Zeptolab, Paladin Studios or 5Ants, among others, have placed their trust in our hands.

Oops! I think we are teasing too much about our next projects, we better leave before you guys find out.