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Crew update patch notes for One Military Camp

Welcome, recruits of One Military Camp! We have a new major update, version, which we have named “Crew”. This introduces the self-sufficiency system, fixes some bugs, and adds trading cards. You can find all the details below.

Autosufficiency update for One Military Camp

Patch notes for One Military Camp

How are you all doing? We hope you are following Sgt. Hawkins’ training routines to get those rookies in shape! If by now you are thinking that you already know everything there is to know about running a camp, well think again, because it’s time for step two of our Roadmap: the self-sufficiency update.

Many of you have let us know that you need more control over your finances and more ways to earn money. Buying resources from providers can really put a stranglehold on your economy, so… How about producing your own stuff?

Plant delicious cabbages in your own farms, make your own ammo, build oil extractors and medicine factories…

Your recruits will work in these production buildings (work builds character!)  and you’ll have to install a network of conveyor belts to transport the resources to your warehouses around the camp. Plan ahead carefully!

Producing more than you can use? Stay tuned for a NEW UPDATE NEXT WEEK: You’ll be able to sell some of that surplus to providers on the map for some extra cash. They’ll buy at a lower price than the price they are selling, but pay attention to their demand levels and you’ll be able to make some profit to keep the training going.

New self sufficiency buildings


Here we will be able to grow our own food so that we are not dependent on suppliers. You know the saying, “Teach a man to plant cabbages…”


It drills the earth cleanly and safely in search of oil. Once extracted, it will be refined and we will be able to supply ourselves.


Here our recruits will painstakingly craft their own ammunition. There is nothing more gratifying than using something made with your own hands.


Here our recruits will make their own medicines with the help of video tutorials. We will no longer depend on pharmaceuticals.

You’ll be able to generate your own resources. Assign recruits to work in the production buildings and install conveyor belts to move the resources to your warehouses

Steam community items

Steam Community items for One Military Camp

We’ve added Steam Community Items that you can unlock as you play OMC. Includes cards, wallpapers and emoticons.



      • Improved menu navigation in the Steam Deck version.
      • We have optimized the initial detection of computer specifications to adjust the quality settings.
      • Added the ability to change resolution while in Windowed Mode.
      • More optimization work to improve performance.
      • Added Camera Rendering Distance to Graphic Options.


    • Fixed a visual bug in the rendering of the outline of some buildings.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the description of certain missions to be swapped with others.
    • Fixed a bug assigning recruits to the instructors building.
    • Fixed a bug that could occur when starting the game from a shortcut.
    • Fixed a bug with the music where after a mission the same music track kept playing without changing to the next one.
    • Fixed the texts describing the consequences of some decisions, where some numbers were shown incorrectly.
    • Fixed problems with key mapping, which caused the game to not load the key mappings in the next game.
    • Fixed a problem that made the tutorial for Supersoldiers and Instructors to appear twice.
    • Fixed an issue that left defenses inactive when upgrading them to level 2 or 3.
    • We have fixed the position of a supplier on the map that could lead to crashes.
    • Fixed several minor bugs that could occur in Photo Mode.
    • Fixed a bug that didn’t allow players to skip the first cinematic using the Skip button.
    • We have simplified the warnings for recruits without a defined goal.

Medal of service

Once again, we want to honor some of our most dedicated community members with this prestigious decoration.

  • In our official Discord, shout out to recruits “GoddGaming”, “Astro”, “Ertt”, “Marksman”, “Krissie_Kris” and “CozyNeoGaming” for their support and for keeping the community engaged.
  • Shout out to recruit “Deputy Dawg” on the Steam Forums, for their feedback and promoting debates among users.

“A One Military Camp story” – #5

Most military facilities are named after a location, a regiment or even a war hero, but not ours. The first time you enter the recruitment office and you walk by our flags and that old bear statue, you may be surprised by the name: One Military Camp. It is simple, yet there is a good reason behind it. We learned about it in the first days of instruction under Sergeant Campbell’s command, and we never forgot. 

That name we were proud of, didn’t refer to “a” military camp or “another” military camp. It was something deeper. And you could feel it by the time you put your boots on the ground and looked around. You could see groups of men and women engaging in all kinds of training activities. Some of them were carrying big pieces of equipment from one place to another, assembling and dismantling pieces of artillery over and over again, until they had mastered it. 

There were several platoons running around the perimeter. Not too fast, not too slow, singing some inappropriate songs -I am not going to reproduce our greatest hits here- that helped everybody to run at the same pace. Even when we went to the library, we did it orderly and in groups. 

That’s the reason our camp was called “One”, because we did things as one body. You don’t need to be reminded about chains as strong as the weakest link if every link is working at the same time, with the same strength and helping each other. There are huge advantages in this; not only can you replace one recruit, if injured, for another without noticing, but you know exactly how long it will take to perform any task. 

Each one of us had our own names, background and abilities, but working together, we were just a unit, unbeatable except for soccer matches, but that’s another story. It didn’t take long for me to decide if one day I was managing my own camp I should keep that spirit, and obviously, that name.

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