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Thanks for playing One Military Camp and first patch notes

Thanks for playing One Military Camp. This is just the beginning. Our game One Military Camp released on early access on March 2nd, with very positive reviews, and we are deeply grateful with you all.

Nevertheless we want to remind you we are still working on it, and the game is improving everyday thanks to your reports and suggestions. Did you find any bug or have problems with the game balancing? Please, let us know through our Discord community or the Steam forums. We take into account every of your suggestions and we are working right now in solving any problem you may find. And that’s not all. This same month, Steam Deck and gamepad support are coming to OMC, with Self-sufficiency features and Enhanced Missions (real time battle reports and decisions).

You can check our roadmap with every improvement and new features coming to the game for the coming months. We are committed to making One Military Camp the game we (us, developers and you, players) dreamed of.

This is the roadmap of the Early Access

One Military Camp first update


  • Heroes now shout words of encouragement to the recruits when you send them jogging. Try it out by selecting a hero and clicking the “Jogging” button on their detail panel.
  • We’ve added spark effects to generators and power poles when they are almost at their overload limit, so you have more visual warnings and can get ahead of the problem.


  • Price adjustment on decorative items.
  • Increased mission rewards.
  • Increased daily income per territory.
  • Increased the food storage capacity in the Canteen.
  • Reduction in power consumption of Private Houses.
  • Revised the power consumption ratio of energy batteries.

Bug fixes

  • Limited fps during loading screens to avoid issues with graphic cards.
  • Improved memory consumption to avoid crashes in PCs with 8 GB Ram.
  • Thanks to reports of community members like “Teclilla”, “Dani R”, “Jo”, “andy92980”, “Ðallisan”, among others, we’ve been able to fix some problems in a few missions.
  • Fixed a bug where the game made some soldiers invisible when returning from a mission if the soldiers were sent again for a second time without giving enough time for the previous helicopter to return.
  • Fixed the problem that caused the mission character select window to appear blank at the end of a mission and prevented users from continuing the game normally.
  • Fixed a problem in which some machines crashed on loading when using the full screen mode.
  • Thanks to the report of “Robiano#2668” we have solved a bug where you could exceed the number of monitored soldiers when transferring them to another camp.
  • Fixed a bug with the anti-drone batteries which were spinning incorrectly when there was no power.
  • Fixed the serving food animation in the canteen for male characters.
  • Thank to the report of the recruits Byuyu”, Fernan9159, !Destex, MoonMonger, Glitch, unaljoy, Fla313, !World, FMFan2014, RAR_Dingo, sg13x…….., we have fixed a bug in which the characters would freeze after doing some operations like upgrading a building with workers inside.
  • Thanks to the report of Pimpf5 we have fixed the bug where no building or recruit could be selected after loading a save after the previous patch.
  • Fixed a bug reported by AndrewXD where characters currently on a mission were not appearing in the building’s soldier list.
  • Fixed a bug in witch the game would crash after selecting a reception center containing the maximum number of recruits at level 3.
  • Fixed a bug where some characters would overlap in the same place in the reception center.
  • Diana’s and Julie’s special hero perks were swapped. Now they are applied correctly.

If you find new bugs or want to tell us some feedback, join our Discord server or visit the Steam forums.

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