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Best graphic styles for City Builders like One Military Camp

City Builder games are quite unique. It’s gameplay require a very specific approach to camera, zoom, and building details, so the player has that “control” feeling. But, there is still some place for innovation when choosing graphics and art style.

Game engines and new hardware allow highly detailed graphics and animations (something that was essential for One Military Camp, as the game depicts a wacky sense of humor and tons of accidents), but we, as developers, still got freedom for going for something recognizable in our visual treatment.

One Military Camp share a lot of game mechanics with the best building/ management games out there, but the graphics are kinda different. Many Base Builders have very distinct graphical styles and color palette, which adds a lot of visual variety to the genre.

We launched One Military Camp on Steam last March 2 as an Early Access, and since then it has received a few updates that have improved the game (updates that will continue to arrive in the upcoming months, as you can see in our roadmap).

Graphic and art style of the best City Builders

Cartoon City Builders

One Military Camp graphic style

One Military Camp has this graphic style, which allows us to make really fun animations that enhance the comedic sensation. Other titles in the Base Builder genre that have adopted this style are the games from Two Point, such as Two Point Hospital or Two Point Campus or even his “ancestors” Theme Hospital and Theme Park.

Realistic Management games

Cities skylines graphic style

When you think of realistic graphics in City Builders, games like Cities Skylines or the Anno series come to mind. This is a graphic style mainly used in games that lean more towards simulation and prioritize management over comedy.

Fantasy City Builders

The Wandering Village graphic style

There is a huge difference between realistic graphics and these type of graphics: the fantasy ones uses thing that don’t exist in our world, such as fantastic creatures. Games like Timberborn (some of the best City Builders in recent years) or The Wandering Village uses this graphic style, creating really gorgeous worlds.

Grimdark / Dark Fantasy games

Frostpunk graphic style

The Grimdark genre has its own appeal for those who want a ‘darker’ take on the fantasy style at City Builders. One of the most famous games of this subgenre is Frostpunk, a game that takes place on a postapocalyptic world covered in snow.

Pixelart and retro style strategy games

Lakeside graphic style

The father of city-building simulation games, SimCity, features graphics that are considered retro by today’s standards. This style has a lot of followers nowadays, and we have games like TheoTown or Lakeside that embrace this graphic style.

SciFi and Futuristic art style games

Factorio graphic style

In the City Builders genre, a futuristic or Science Fiction graphical approach works very well, as can be seen in recent successes like Ixion or the hugely popular Factorio, which set a new standard for this type of games.

2.5D video games

Rimworld graphic style

When you think in this graphic style, there is a certain game that comes to mind: Rimworld. The game from Ludeon Studios has a unique graphic style that sets it apart from other Base Building titles in recent years.

As you read above, the City Builders genre have a wide variety of graphic styles, and One Military Camp features a goofy style that complements very well with what we want to convey with the gameplay . We invite you to take a look at our Steam page if the game has caught your attention, and remember: positive reviews on Steam help us a lot!

Thank you for building this military camp with us.

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