Nintendo, 5Ants and Abylight working together to take forward the Wii U version of Tiny Thief

It is our pleasure to work directly and jointly with Nintendo Japan and 5 Ants Games on bringing to the Nintendo Wii U fans a beautiful game which has a tiny hero as the main character. Tiny Thief, was released for iOS and Android, and it has received praise from critics and players equally. In fact, the title won People’s Choice Award at The International Mobile Games Awards 2013, in addition to get the nomination for Best Gameplay in the same event.

Tiny thief is going to Wii U, and here we can appreciate the scary cemetery zone

After its success on Apple Store and Google Play, this tiny thief plans to jump to the big screen as it was announced in the latest Nintendo Direct


Such a good reception was the perfect showcase for being captured by a large company in the consoles world (like it happened before with Rovio Entertainment and mobile world) who saw the big potential of this title and decided to export it to this home platform. Art, graphics and gameplay over 30 different levels, 50 unique characters, 3000 unique animations and over 100 hidden objects, have drawn the attention of Nintendo Japan for making a Wii U title.

Since then, Abylight, with its a lot of years of experience working on the different platforms of the Japanese brand, became part of this exciting project. As we said previously on the beginning of this post, it is a truly honour for Abylight to take over of the port of ‘Tiny Thief’ for the current home console of Nintendo. The team are devoting so much love and enthusiasm to make sure you will enjoy it as much as we are doing during this transfer process. In the meantime, here you can find a teaser video.