Become a voxel sculptor with Qbics Paint

The brilliant artist Michelangelo thought that sculpting master pieces such as David or the Pietà is actually pretty easy: “all I do is chip away everything that is not my statue”, he said. That’s the core idea behind Qbics Paint, our new project that we are announcing just today: a game to put at your fingertips 3D modeling and painting. In Qbics Paint you will become a sort of Michelangelo: you will have to sculpt blocks with your own fingers to “free” the Qbics hiding within.

Qbics Paint, creative and destressing game which all the family can play, a human, a cow and a plant already painted

Sculpting won’t be your only task: once you unlock every Qbic you will also be able to customize it, paint it and put it into one of the varied landscapes available. And what exactly is a Qbic? Well, they are this cute little voxel-characters that you can see in the pictures in this press release or in our press kit, of course! And in case you didn’t know, a voxel is just a 3D cube, the smallest unit of every single 3D picture.

Qbics Paint testing in a samsung tablet at the abylight headquarters

We showed Qbics Paint for the very first time during the last Barcelona Games World, a Spanish video game event. The project, financed thanks to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, is still in the first stages of its development and thus without an estimated release date.


Qbics Paint has an educational goal in mind, and that’s why we want to call upon those who know the most about education – teachers, pedagogues, educators and parents – to take part in the alpha stage of Qbics Paint and help to shape it with their feedback and knowledge. If you want to collaborate, please contact with us!