‘Guess the game’ with Alberto González from Abylight

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At Abylight we always like to give a personal and fun touch to everything we do, that’s why we try to make varied and different streamings. In the case of those focused on introducing you to a specific member of the team to learn more about their profile, professional experience, and work, we like to add a more lighthearted section with games to liven up the stream and make the chat participate.

‘Guess the game’ with Alberto González

One of the latest categories we started doing on our Twitch channel is ‘Guess the game’ featuring a guest member of Abylight, who has to guess some previously chosen games with the help of clues. Who was our victim? Alberto González!

For those who don’t know Alberto (although his fame and experience in the video game industry precede him), he is one of the founding members of Abylight. He’s also an experienced game developer, but what stands out the most in his professional career is his huge musical contribution. Some time ago we made a special blog as a tribute to Alberto Gonzalez‘s professional career.

We jumpstarted the stream with a review of Alberto’s experience from his beginnings as a developer through different teams and projects since his international beginnings, passing through some of his most outstanding works, such as the incredibly memorable music for Asterix and Obelix.

Then, we went straight to our game in which Alberto had to guess popular games such as The Legend of Zelda, Kirby, Castlevania, Metroid, Final Fantasy, or Sonic just by listening to a few seconds of their iconic melodies. Although in some cases we managed to make him doubt, it was amazing to see how his innate talent (and excellent musical ear) made him guess some games with just 2 seconds of music!

Have you wanted to know more about Alberto’s work? You can listen to him directly on his Soundcloud profile and also contact him through his personal Twitter profile.

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