‘True or False’ — Meet our team on stream!

We started doing streams on Twitch to show the projects of Abylight Studios, as a publisher, and Abylight Barcelona, as developers, in a more personal and fun way. We also wanted to show the latest updates on what we’re working on. This can be exclusive content or even a playable version of a game!

In this last half of the year, we wanted to expand the theme of our streams with varied content for developers, students, and professionals in the gaming industry. A great advantage of Twitch is that the people who watch us can also participate! Very interesting questions and conversations have arisen thanks to this.

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True or False 

The ‘True or False’ streams came when we thought about how we could introduce different members of our team and learn more about their work at Abylight and professional experience without being boring or too formal.

This stream is about 10 statements or questions about a role (3D artist, programmer, tester) that people conceive but are not always true or accurate. The guest answers from his experience to help everyone have a more accurate perspective about his position in the game development team.

Getting to Know the Abylight team

To close the ‘True or False’ streams we have prepared some more personal questions for each member. They shared what they studied and what motivated them to dedicate themselves to what today is their job. 

This type of content can be interesting for students, who want to pursue a career in game development but don’t know where to start. We tried to cover questions on what and where to study, how to specialize, and even meeting developers, agencies, and publishers.

Fortunately, the team of Abylight Studios and Abylight Barcelona has very diverse professionals from different departments. Hence, there are still many ‘True or False’ streams to come discovering the mysteries of each profile. 

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