The @abylight Twitter is back!


... Hyper Light Drifter news aren't gonna deliver themselves!

UPDATE: On November 24, 2020, our main Twitter @abylight got unsuspended: as magically and mysteriously as it disappeared in the beginning of November. 

We're sure it's all thanks to the support of our friends, players, industry colleagues - and literally everyone who shared the #freeAbylight message, that was probably seen by some kind human from Twitter Support. Thank you too, kind human! 🙂

What about our backup account, @AbylightStudios?
It will stay, just in case. Now we're those people who DO create backups. 😉

Why have we been bugging everyone over a social account?

We've got an important Hyper Light Drifter Special Edition announcement coming up, as well as Ninja Chowdown release, and need the platform to bring the best news of 2020 to everyone. We made a Reddit too, but need all the exposure and attention! 

If you're wondering about the social media nightmare we've been through - here's the story on how Twitter's algorithm suspended us by mistake earlier.