Abylight is bringing to consoles the acclaimed games of Locomalito, the brilliant homebrew developer


Locomalito is a unique and brilliant Spanish developer capable of creating video games considered works of art by the whole gaming community. Gamers, especially who grew up in the 80s surrounded by arcades, recognize Locomalito as one of the most important homebrew developers nowadays. ‘Maldita Castilla’, ‘Hydorah’ ‘L’Abbaye des Morts’, ‘Gaurodan’ or ‘The Curse of Issyos’ are a few of his creations, all of them acclaimed and exalted by critics despite being niche titles.

The developer is currently working on several projects from his small room at his residence in Malaga after an intense workday as an advertising creative and graphic designer. After signing the agreement with Abylight Studios, those who prefer consoles as main gaming system will be able to enjoy Locomalito titles.

Maldita Castilla first image of Don Ramiro, the valiant knight responsible of taking care of the evil forces

And so it is that we are very pleased and proud to announce the collaboration with Juan Antonio Becerra“From the beginning, my goal as Locomalito has been the creation and circulation of ‘new classic games’. However, being a personal project, the amount of time and resources needed to publish in major consoles has always been a significant drawback to balance with the creative process. That’s why consoles have been an impossible scenario so far” – he continues explaining – “but now I finally found in Abylight an approachable and experienced team of professionals that understand the philosophy behind my games and is able to help me take them beyond my personal means”.

Moreover, as icing on the cake, the games released under this collaboration will be a complete revision for the platforms and will include exclusive bonus material. At this moment, we can confirm that ‘Maldita Castilla’ will be the first game to hit the market, expected for Q3 of 2016.

We can’t wait! What about you?