Road to game with Miguel García

Since the announcement of the development of One Military Camp last October, we have been sharing our experience from different angles in forums and social platforms. 

Our goal is to involve you, the gaming community, and introduce the team behind the development of our game. This involves what they do and how they do it. We think it would be interesting for other developers, as it shows how to advance in different aspects of game development in a way that they might not be familiar with yet. We know because we are also curious about what the rest of our fellow developers are doing!

One of our favorite ways to share this process is through the Devlogs we periodically upload on Steam. This way we have all the space we need to tell our story with images and video to make it interesting and easier to digest.

You can take a look at all the ones we have uploaded so far on One Military Camp’s Steam page.

Road to game

As we have commented in previous blogs, such as ‘Guess the game‘ or ‘True or False‘, we have been working hard into creating interesting content in our Twitch channel. This platform is perfect to show live content and interact directly with gamers, professionals, and anyone interested in video game development; and we want to create a place where we can satisfy that curiosity.

‘Road to Game’ is a category we are currently using to talk about the development of One Military Camp with Miguel Garcia, Creative Director of the project. Here we want to show where the game is at, what goals it aims to achieve, and other curiosities and relevant information. 

In the last stream, we have reviewed Devlogs, especially how the idea of doing it came up and who is behind them. As most of these Devlogs are and will be written by himself, he also intends to add many others from the hand of the other departments involved (art, programming, marketing, design) to add variety. This is to show all the different views from which you can approach the development of a game and their personal experience with One Military Camp. 

For our next Road to Game streams, we hope to show you a simple playable version of One Military Camp. Of course, we are working hard to make it happen! 

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